Hi I’m Natalie Sisson, a self-described Freedomist, on a mission to ensure you live life to the full and have the ability to choose freedom everyday. 

After living out of my suitcase, traveling the world and teaching others how to create freedom in business for almost seven years, I’ve realized ONE thing.

Freedom is still far too elusive for those of us with businesses and busy careers, or living in less than privileged situations. Yet the right to choose freedom should be universal.

We’ve become addicted to working way too many hours, ignoring our stress levels and placed more importance to online addictions, making money and being ‘busy’ than to taking time out, relaxing and living a good life.

So I’m on a Quest for Freedom to discover how to find and create true freedom.

I’m talking waking up when you want, doing what the heck you feel like, focusing on happiness over money, giving back and achieving harmony in your work and personal life.

My mission is to help you simplify your life, feel connected, live mindfully and develop the life-changing habits, routines and mindset to live freely.

To learn more about my story and background head here.

Otherwise checkout the ways below in which you can join the Quest for Freedom and start making some serious change to your everyday life!

Choose your own path

Listen to the Podcast

I designed my weekly ‘Quest for Freedom’ podcasts to give you insight, inspiration, tips and tools to create a little more freedom in your personal and professional everyday life.

They’re short yet highly valuable and I promise they’ll leave you feeling smarter, happier and more in tune with yourself and the life you want to live.

Plan Your Ideal Year

Want to start the year off differently and truly start living your ideal life? Then learn my exact methodology to do just that.

In less than 90 minutes, this online workshop will show you how to plan out an entire year focused on YOU, map that out into quarterly, weekly and daily actions, and learn how to be more productive in a week than most people are in a year.

Watch The Latest Vlog

Each week I release a new vlog full of tips, tricks, and hacks that create more freedom in your business and personal life!

In just a few concise and targeted minutes each week, I’ve created a vlog series that effectively helps you reach your full potential.

"I think we are all in our own way on a quest for freedom and happiness but Natalie Sisson takes it on a whole new level and invites us to follow her on the journey. Totally inspirational and I'm really looking forward to following her adventures and musings. It's a bit like realtime broadcast eat, pray, love!"

– Sif the Vet, Iceland

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