"I think we are all in our own way on a quest for freedom and happiness but Natalie Sisson takes it on a whole new level and invites us to follow her on the journey. Totally inspirational and I'm really looking forward to following her adventures and musings. It's a bit like realtime broadcast eat, pray, love!"

– Sif the Vet, Iceland

After 6.5 years living out of my suitcase and running my business, that teaches entrepreneurs how to create freedom in business and adventure in life, I’ve realized ONE thing.

Despite my obsession with freedom all these years, it is still far too elusive for most people. 

So in 2017 I’m on a Quest for Freedom to discover how to find and create true freedom and share those learnings with you.

My mission is to help you simplify your life, feel connected, live mindfully and develop personal and financial freedom.

It all started with going on a business sabbatical in April for three months to see if my business The Suitcase Entrepreneur, could survive without me …thankfully it did and I experienced more freedom than ever.

But that’s just the beginning of what I’ll share so read more on the Quest page and come join me on this adventure!

The Suitcase Entrepreneur is where you will find the best of the best practical tips, resources, tools to help you run a profitable business from anywhere.

I share step by step actions delivered via my videos and blog posts to help you achieve your freedom business. You can also get your hands on my No #1 Bestselling Book The Suitcase Entrepreneur for more actionable goodness.

After realizing no-one teaches the importance of mindset, business and lifestyle as the holy trinity for a fantastic life, I spent several years researching and then designing the World’s FIRST online program designed to do this.

The Freedom Plan launched in 2014 and has gone on to help hundreds of people create their own unique course for success and freedom on their own terms.

It’s about to get even better so get yourself on the VIP list to know when it’s reopening.

Freedom is something everyone desires yet very few people seem to have actually achieved. That’s why I founded Right2Freedom to uncover this.

The research and discoveries on my Quest for Freedom will be integrated into the first ever Global Freedom Study, that will aim to show every individual how they can choose freedom on a daily basis.

Be part of this today by taking my short quiz.

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