"I think we are all in our own way on a quest for freedom and happiness but Natalie Sisson takes it on a whole new level and invites us to follow her on the journey. Totally inspirational and I'm really looking forward to following her adventures and musings. It's a bit like realtime broadcast eat, pray, love!"

– Sif the Vet, Iceland

Natalie Sisson is on a Quest for Freedom

After 6 years living out of my suitcase and running my business, that teaches entrepreneurs how to create freedom in business and adventure in life, from all over the world, I’ve realized ONE thing.

Despite my obsession with freedom all these years, I really don’t think I know what true freedom looks, feels, and sounds like. 

So in 2017 I’m going on a Quest for Freedom to discover what it is all about, and what freedom really means to me, and to you.

In fact in April I’m taking a business sabbatical, and seeing if my business can survive without me, by putting to work everything I’ve learned, applied and coached my clients and community of Freedomists on, over the years.

My small but talented team and the systems and plans we’ve put in place over the The Suitcase Entrepreneur, will allow me to essentially fire myself form my business in April.

That’s when I’m going to become a student again and learn about freedom in all its fascinating facets. Read more on the Quest page here and come join me.

Check out these rave reviews for my podcast:


in iTunes by Sjanbanan from UK on February 5, 2017

A super inspiring podcast, packed full of tips, insights and personal stories. I highly recommend Natalie and her ongoing quest for Freedom.
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Raw & Inspiring

in iTunes by Kasia Zukowska from USA on February 5, 2017

The new Natalie Sisson’s Quest For Freedom podcast is unlike any other podcast I listened to before! I love the combination of polished, good quality audio with the raw side of it. Natalie takes us through the “Hero’s Journey” with her storytelling and dives in deep on Freedom right from the first episode. This podcast will be a delicious treat to her community & to see a different side of Nat – it’s what I am looking forward to most!

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Quest for Freedom … Zest for Life!

in iTunes by LincolnSpeaks from Australia on February 3, 2017

Natalie is a brilliant role model for us all … always trail blazing & making it easier for us all to step up & out. Can’t wait to follow her journey of discovery around freedom & everything that brings … yay. Gotta love that zest for life … it’s soooo contagious!
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