Hi I’m Natalie Sisson. There’s three things you should know about me.

First and foremost I’m a ‘freedomist’

noun  free·dom·ist  \ -mə̇st \

An advocate or adherent of freedomism.
That simply means I’m obsessed with freedom, and I believe it’s a privilege we all deserve the right to have.
I’ve been experimenting with what freedom means for for over a decade, and this year I’m using myself as the guinea pig to uncover what being free really means.

Second of all I’m an Expert Generalist.

Orit Gadiesh, chairman of Bain & Co, coined the term, as:
“Someone who has the ability and curiosity to master and collect expertise in many different disciplines, industries, skills, capabilities, countries, and topics.”

I’ve done my eight years in the corporate world as in branding, marketing, event management and business development across a variety of industries.

I’ve cut my teeth in the entrepreneurial world as a cofounder of a Vancouver tech startup in 2008 for 18 months.

And I built my blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur from scratch and turned it into a thriving multi-six-figure lifestyle business that I ran from my laptop and smartphone in 70 countries for the last seven years.

I now mentor and invest in budding entrepreneurs, while living on my dream property in New Zealand, with 2.5 acres of land, surrounded my nature, with my gorgeous man, a beautiful puppy and 5 healthy chickens plus a barn we turned into a coworking space. I pinch myself daily that I can call this home.

Thirdly I’m a Gender Equalitarian

I was brought up by my parents, especially my Dad, to believe I could be and do anything I wanted in life.

I attended a top notch private girls school and got an amazing education. I appreciate I’m a privileged white female.

Yet I also understand I’ve been working in a male dominated industry, and I live in a world where by the very fact that I’m a woman, I am also opressed.

So I’m passionate about uplifting and mentoring women entrepreneurs and educating and supporting both women and men to build businesses they love that support their ideal lifestyle.

Why am I on a Quest for Freedom?

Up until now I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs through my blog, podcast, videos and online education programs and membership to design a business and lifestyle they love by monetizing their skills, expertise and knowledge into a purpose driven, location independent business.

But it’s not enough. True freedom goes much deeper than that. It’s a mindset.

And so in 2017 I’ve been embarking on discovering what personal freedom really means through research and building this into a Freedom Framework that everyone can resonate with, plug into and better understand how they can have more personal freedom, each and every day.

So twice a week I’m researching, producing and publishing the Quest for Freedom Podcast and blog, with the sole aim of helping you experience more freedom.

Because frankly you deserve it.

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