Most sane people don’t fire themselves from their successful business to go back to being a student of life.

But that’s what I’m doing this year, while I’m on a business sabbatical from my online business The Suitcase Entrpreneur.

Why? Well I’m a little obsessed with freedom. The short back story on how this came to be goes a little like this:

After 8 years in the corporate world, doing my time, dealing with bureaucracy, politics and a scarcity mentality I finally broke free and headed to Vancouver, Canada.

Then I cut my teeth in the entrepreneurial world as a cofounder of a technology startup in 2008 for 18 months before I took my blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, and turned it into the thriving lifestyle business in 2010 that I could run from just a laptop and my smartphone.

Driven by my desire to obtain what most value so highly but few achieve – ultimate freedom, I spent the first two years hustling like crazy until I built systems and the blueprint to building a thriving online business and my dream global lifestyle.

Up until now I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs through my blog, podcast, videos and online education programs and membership to design a business and lifestyle they love by monetizing their skills, expertise and knowledge into a purpose driven, location independent business.

I’m a No #1 Bestselling Amazon Author, podcaster and speaker and I’ve been featured in media outlets like, Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post and hundreds of podcasts. But none of that’s just proof I have some useful knowledge and experience to pass onto you!

I have dual citizenship in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, have travelled to 70 countries to date and lived on 5 continents.

This year, I’m on a Quest for Freedom and I’m charting all this via my live updates on my blog and podcast.

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