Don’t judge your bad ideas

Don’t judge your bad ideas

Are you one of those people who’s constantly coming up with new ideas, only to question them a few days or weeks later, and realizing that only a handful of them actually seem to be a good idea?

I’m here to tell you today not to judge your bad ideas, but to look at them at stepping stones on the way to greatness.

As in your greatest and most original idea ever.

In this short and sweet podcast I introduce you to Adam Grant, author of Originals and the youngest full professor at Wharton Business School.

He not only has two best-selling books and a much-read Sunday New York Times column, but he’s also down to earth and highly practical.

In this podcast I share: 

  • The key takeaway from his book Originals that changed my way of thinking around my ideas
  • Why output matters more than the quality of your ideas
  • How I have continually developed and acted on ideas and turned them into product offerings that work

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  • Great episode Natalie,
    Ideas are something that will always come to us naturally especially if you’re an open minded individual who is always open for ideas. However, it’s not always about the ideas, what matters most time is what you are able to do with the ideas as they come.

    Although, idea comes in different forms. We will always get those ideas we think and assume is a game changer, such ideas that will blow out our mind in excitement and we will conclude that we have finally arrived. On the other hand, we will also always get those other ideas we think are just worthless and holds no water, and I love the advice you gave here.

    Interestingly, most of those ideas we often neglect are the ones that are usually the most successful once acted upon. That’s why I always tell people that there’s absolutely nothing like a bad idea. The only way you’ll know an idea that is totally worth is when you give life to it.

    I love the point you made that “I’m here to tell you today not to judge your bad ideas, but to look at them at stepping stones on the way to greatness,” and I couldn’t have agreed more.