Getting Your Mojo Back

Getting Your Mojo Back

I am a firm believer that the universe has your back.

And when you decide to align with your true purpose in life and put all your energy in, you will get that energy back in droves.

Throughout your life there will be periods where you are just on fire and there will be times when stuff feels heavy.

When this happens, the trick to getting your mojo back, is really feeling into what lights you up, and doing more of that.

Even if that’s just through baby steps and tiny adjustments in your everyday life.

I can speak from experience, when I tell you that feeling like you’re on the exact right path for you doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The things that I used to do back when I started my business that bring me energy and joy
  • What that means for me in 2018 and what I’m going to bring back
  • My 2018 side business project that is a completely different niche!
  • Low cost-ways to start your business

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  • The sound quality is so much better. I could even tell how far from the mic you were. The little bugger was chueing on something, right? I appreciate you so much, glad I’ve toned in. I to am reevaluating my life and actions. After heart surgery and this slow recovery I’m pondering the futur and what I can give. Me bucket list is growing and includes a blog on heart health starting by the end of February. You are now part of my accountability. Hope you don’t mind. Luke Hager

    • Awesome. I love being an accountability buddy Luke. And congrats on making the decision. Look forward to seeing it up and running. And in fact the mic on this one was not the one I was speaking into, you should listen to the next one, even better quality!!