How to have a great night’s sleep

How to have a great night’s sleep

Are you getting a great night’s sleep or are you consistently sleep deprived because you’re on your smartphone or laptop too late?

I’m definitely guilty of working from a laptop in bed, or checking my phone before I go to sleep and I’m not proud of it.

But since I’m on a mission to uncover life-changing habits and routines that let you reach your full potential and give you true freedom, I’ve been consistently getting in the habit of turning off all devices by 7pm each night.

And guess what? My sleep and quality of sleep has improved a ton!

An article published in The Independent shows: “In a study of 10,000 16 to 19-year-olds, researchers in Norway found that the longer a young person spent looking at an electronic screen before going to bed, the worse quality sleep they were likely to have.”

The problem comes from the short bursts of excitement you get when consuming social media….yes they designed it to be addictive and to give you hits of dopamine. 

Dopamine motivates you to continue to replicate the original behaviour that made you feel pleasure – such as repeatedly clicking on social media posts or sending text messages.

The problem with this is that too often we can find ourselves trapped in a spiral of seeking more gratification.

Laptops, tablets and phones all emit a blue light which illuminates the screen. This blue light suppresses the body’s production of the hormone melatonin.

This hormone is essential in order for us to feel sleepy. Alaska Sleep Clinic believe: “The light emitting from these devices is similar in wavelength to daylight and can trick your circadian rhythm into believing it’s daylight and delay the release of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep”.

A delayed release of melatonin means it will take you longer to fall asleep.

In this episode I talk about:

  • What is dopamine and what it does to you
  • Several ways to get a really good night’s sleep
  • Key apps to use to minimize the effect your screen has on you

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  • Such a great topic Natalie! So crucial for the quality of life and so important when you’re on a quest for freedom like we are. Since four years I live with chronic pain in a foot after an injury and haven’t slept well (like 3-4 h every night) in all these years. I’m severe sleep deprived and living life like this is not something I wish for anyone. I’m about to start my freedom based business while working full-time, so getting my sleep back is my number one priority right now. I’m already doing many of the things you mentioned Natalie, like going to bed and getting up and the same time every day, taking magnesium and doing gentle yoga and relaxation (and on and off meditation). Next up is not using my phone or computer the last 1-1,5 hours before going to bed, meditation (also as part of learning to live with pain), less alcohol and focusing even more on what I’m eating. Excited to see how this will affect the quality of my sleep! Always a pleasure listening to a new episode! x