You'll find there's something for everyone - from turning your idea into income, to writing your first book, discovering your entrepreneurial superpower, delegating your workload and hiring your dream team to systemizing your business.

Take a looksie below and see what you most need to focus on in your business and personal life right now, and which of my offerings resonates most.  I put the greatest love and purpose into all my work and aim to make it highly practical and easy to implement to get you the best results, today...not tomorrow.
Do you wonder if you have what it takes to build a business, or what business you should be starting?
Perhaps you don't think you have the right skills and knowledge that people will actually pay you for?

Or maybe you're thinking you don't even know how to even begin, and if you do, whether your idea will even work?

Well Idea To Income is designed to crush your self doubt by helping you discover what you most want out of life and then guide you to create the best business to support your ideal lifestyle.
This mini-course all about putting smart, simple systems in place in your business in under a week using the power trio of Asana, Google Drive, & Slack.

This course is for you if you want to:

*Sort out chaos and beat overwhelm
*Go from reactive to proactive in your business
*Get clarity on what needs to happen (and when!)
*Create more, sell more, and do more of what you love to do
*Feel like you're leading your business, not the other way around

Good systems help you get into the zen zone by knowing that your most important tasks are prioritized and scheduled so you know you won't miss a thing!

"24 hours after finishing this course I have hired my first VA and started launching my first 5 week online course. Suddenly this whole new world of possibilities opened."

Nadine Nelen, The Logical Healer
In this 2 hour action taking course I'll show you how to:
  •  SET YOUR VISION FOR 2018 and plan out your entire year so you prioritize what matters - we will map this out real-time together and I'll show you behind the scenes of how I plan out my year. 
  •  MAP OUT YOUR QUARTERLY, MONTHLY and WEEKLY ACTIONS based on your annual goals and the calendar so you know exactly what to do to achieve amazing results in your business in 2018! 
  •  Take your big vision and plans for 2018 and put them into your OWN CONTENT, MARKETING and EDITORIAL CALENDAR so you feel focused and in control - I'll show you my calendar as a real example of what's possible. 
  •  Learn my 6 STEP DAILY SUCCESS PLAN to become more productive in a week than you are in a year - no seriously. 
  •  BONUS: You’ll get my awesome Content, Marketing and Editorial Calendar template to use to plan out your amazing year.

"It was so worth it, Natalie's process is easy to follow and detailed enough that you don't miss out anything. Most importantly you put freedom first, yay! Highly recommended"

Rich, CEO, Yoga Mat Co.
If you are in business for yourself, have a side hustle or even are in a great job, wouldn't it be amazing if each day you knew exactly what you SHOULD be working on to make you feel in a peak state?
Wouldn't it be even better if you knew what sucked your energy and made you less motivated, and finally understood which activities or work you should NOT be doing on a daily basis?

What about if you knew more about yourself, what motivates you and what lights you up, so that you could redesign your business and career to be doing more of those things, and delegating the rest.

Speaking of delegation, wouldn't it be great to know EXACTLY who you need on your team and why?

Well this is exactly what this 90 Minute Masterclass: Discover Your Entrepreneurial Superpowers can do for you.

"It has opened the door to a new way of structuring my business. Giving me more structure and something to follow. A way to move forward in my business."

Susanna Balston
Learn how to let go of your huge to-do list by hiring the right people to do it for you, and then set up your systems to build your dream team in 30 days or less!

If that sounds too good to be true, then let me be the first to tell you, it's 100% doable.

That's because of the unique methodology you'll receive when you join me in my Freedom Lab Outsource Like a Rockstar.

"Now I feel ready to hire and I plan to do that in early 2018. I feel more confident to release some of the controls, put the safeguards in place and even welcome in to my business someone who can amplify what I do and look after my interests! Thanks again Natalie, it was awesome."

Michelle Howie,
As the name would suggest, in this lab we get to experiment and see what formulas we can throw together to get the results we want.
Last year I wrote and edited my book to be ready for publishing in just 3 months, and I gave you backdoor access, each step of the way, to the process I personally followed to write my damn book.

You get exclusive access to my writing processes, my strategies to get this book shipped, resources and tools I use, my trials, errors and learnings while I worked on the most ambitious book project I’ve ever done.

Plus, you'll have access to behind the scenes interviews with New York Times Bestselling Authors, my Book Agent and Book Strategist!
Nothing takes your fancy above, but you're ready to 
start living your perfect day?
I've put together a Step by Step Guide to Living Your Perfect Day.
In it, I take you on a 3-step journey that helps you to uncover your ideal lifestyle, figure out what matters to you most in life, and plan out how to make this a reality.
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