Starting an Ecommerce Site From Scratch

Starting an Ecommerce Site From Scratch

One of the best way to have more financial freedom is to add in an extra revenue stream or two.

Preferably a passive or residual income stream that you don’t have to pay constant attention to, and that pay you a nice lump sum each month once you’ve set it up.

This can be real estate, investments, digital products and affiliate commissions.

It can also be the world of Ecommerce if you’re prepared to invest in it initially.

That’ why I’m diving into the world of Ecommerce to see if I can add an extra $5,000 revenue in 3 months!

And I figured you may be interested in doing the same for yourself, so I’m going to run my next LIVE Freedom Lab as a behind the scenes of starting an Ecommerce site from scratch.

In this episode I talked about:

  • The new business I’m starting related to my gorgeous puppies.
  • My Ecommerce marketing strategy
  • The next Freedom Lab that I’ll be running this March 2018

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  • Hi Natalie,

    I am so excited for you! This was my idea last year a dog boutique online but I got stuck on the part of finding products that others would ship for me. I used to work for a small business that sold on Amazon and Shopify. So I learned so much about FBA and how companies send products to Amazon, my boss taught me how to scout products to sell on Amazon as well. I learned so much from this company about having an e-commerce business. My goal is to have my own E-commerce store. I am super excited to see how you are going about this. I signed up for the freedom lab and I can’t wait! I wish you the best of luck and your puppies are beautiful! Thank you so much this podcast made my day.

    • That’s great to know you chose the same niche. Perhaps you can hold my hand through it this time with your ideas so I don’t get stuck! And am so glad this made your day. Hope to see you in the Freedom Lab when it goes live.

  • oooh – just saw this! You’ll love Shopify once you get the hang of it… but if you ever get stuck on anything, or need a suggestion be sure to let me know. There are lots of insider tips that I’ve stockpiled over the last decade working with them 🙂

  • Thanks for the great sharing. I am planning to start an e-commerce site on the WordPress platform. Does WordPress will a good choice for that.