Why consistency is your secret weapon

Why consistency is your secret weapon

In less than a week I’ll be competing in the Suzuki Sprint Distance National Championship in Kinloch, Taupo.

I’m both excited and nervous for this sprint triathlon.

It seems insane to think for the last three months, I’ve been consistently training 5-6 days a week, doing what my awesome coach Nathan Martin tells me to do.

All that training for a sprint race, that should be done in less than 1 hr 45mins (if I’m on pace)!

A Sprint Triathlon is made up of a:

  • 750m swim
  • 20km bike (with hills)
  • 5km run

And ONLY in the last 3-4 weeks have I noticed the compound effect of all that triathlon training.

What I know to be true is that consistency and daily habits lead to micro improvements that turn into bigger improvements as you get better and adapt.

Along the way I’ve done multiple events I’ve like the Splash n Dash or Super Sprint tri or the Wellington Classic Ocean swim.

During several of those I was on a high one moment, wanting to quit the next and then wondering why the heck I was attempting to be a triathlete the next!

The very first Splash n Dash was painful and made me wonder what on earth I was taking on.

The most recent one I competed in, while tough, was my best performance.
It brought out this inner strength that I was waiting to emerge, and a sense of competitiveness to do and be better that I felt was hiding up until that point.

Then this weekend gone, I smashed my training doing the 3 disciplines at race distance and pace and got a bunch of personal bests!

The point of this story is to encourage you to NEVER give up.

Rewards and results come through showing up and doing the work. Always.

There’s TONNES more I can and want to do to get better but for now I’m proud of where I’ve got to.

I’m in this for the journey, to find my next finish line and the next.

In this podcast I share

1. How my training has progressively stacked to build a better, faster, stronger me and how you can apply that in life

2. The power of mind over matter to get you through the tough times

3. The 3 key things I’ve layered into this journey that have led to my success so far

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  • Oh Natalie!!!!!! You’re going to smoke it!:) I’m sooooo proud of you, you’re on a fantastic Journey. Way back when I watched your TED talk and saw you biking across whatever continent it was, I thought; this Woman would be an awesome Triathlete! Now I get to see that prediction in the flesh:) There will be many more Triathlons for you, including Ironman NZ, right there at Lake Taupo. I loved that race more than any other I ever did, and while the countryside was beautiful, it was the Kiwis who stole my heart:)
    According to my calculations, I’ll be sending good thoughts your way on Saturday the 9th, at 1pm (UTC+13). Now go race and make yourself proud:)

    • Thanks Claude. I’m glad you thought that about me way back then!! And yes Ironman Taupo….well the half is an option end of this year but boy that would take some serious training and mindset work. I’m so glad you competed in it as Taupo is pretty spectacular indeed. Thanks for sending good vibes my way for Sunday!